Welcome to a small but cheap boat-rental site

On this page you can found a summary from the rest of the site that is in Dutch.

The site is describing two classic boats, which you can rent. One boat, a so called IJlsterkruiser is 10,30 meters by 3,20, its easy boating, for about six persons. The other boat, a motorized Tjalk, is a classic Dutch cargo boat build in 1932, and rebuild to a very comfortable yacht.

For the IJlsterkruiser (10,30 m) it is preferable that you have some experience, for the Tjalk much experience is mandatory.


  1. Underneath a short description of the two boats is made. When you click on the details link, you get a complete (Dutch) description of the boats and a boat map.
  2. Pictures can say more that 1000 Dutch words, so click left at the several folders under "Foto's"
  3. The tariffs are in Euro's, take care of the requested date, there are two levels, low "laagseizoen" and high "hoogseizoen", the less cheapest period. It is based on paying on a Dutch bank-account, half of the amount within two weeks after reservation, the rest just before or at the moment when you leave. You must also pay security-money ("waarborgsom"), that can be in foreign currency.
  4. An up-to-date time-schema shows you if a boat is available, or if it is occupied.
  5. When you are willing to reserve, please fill in the E-mail


Feel free to mail or call us (on +31 172 61 60 65) when you need more information. I apologize that all documentation including the contract is in Dutch.


Motor Yacht



Friese MotorTjalk


The IJlsterkruiser is build in 1979. It is a motoryacht, herewith a short description starting at the front:

two beds under the front deck, in the cabin behind it, a table with banks. On the starboard site the kitchen. On port side small table and a rest-room. In the wheelhouse you can find, next to the steering-control, a couch that can be converted to two person bed.

At the back cabin you can find two comfortable beds (1,90 * 0,80 m).

At the top of the cabin the deck with the outside steering  wheel



The motortjalk is build as cargo boat and later on rebuild as motoryacht. The long cabin is not high, to keep the very nice lining of the boat.

All comfort, like hot water, is available. In the front there is a bedroom and a rest/wash-room. There is a king-size bed (2,00*1,40 m) and two children's beds.

In the main cabin there is a kitchen, a round table (8 persons can sit) that can be transferred to a bed.

A couch completes the cabin.